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Starbuck's Caffeine is not just making sales, but it is a label. It is just a label and a brand that consumers have confidence in. Starbucks decided to be personal with their clients. Understanding the consumers thoughts started to be a main target for the marketing team. The advertising team realizes that people want to belong and people need to think they are becoming or performing something much better than the quotation on offer " others”. To relay these feelings to the consumers Starbuck's Caffeine base the appeal within the environment which it provides for the consumer. Starbuck's Coffee expects consumers to arrive at a given store, loosen up at a table, talk, read, pay attention to music, examine and beverage coffee. Starbucks also prides it's self on diversity. Jim Donald, President and CEO from the Starbucks Firm states, " When we adopt diversity, we succeed” ( Creating The Environment

To create this sort of environment Starbuck's Coffee promoting team features placed chat topics on the sides of each and every cup to spice up any meeting that one may have. Starbuck's Caffeine also enables all consumers to have internet access which always may prolong a stay. Starbuck's Coffee guarantee's the average buyer that is browsing a store; quick service with the surety to leave with the strong smell of a coffee house. They may be so dedicated to having their particular stores feel and smell like a coffee residence that they actually prohibit their very own employees from wearing perfume and cologne because it takes away the aroma of the espresso. In addition , Starbuck's Coffee guaruntees they are green so that it as well adds to all their image that they are promoting. (Kembell, 2002). PLACE

Typically all their stores will be in high traffic spots where people will just encounter their grocer without having to search. Starbucks is positioned in high-visibility locations. These types of...

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