A Comparison of Valentine’s and Gutierrez’s Views on Establishing Male or female Covenants Dissertation

Berdache and current day Trans persons,

A comparison of Valentine's & Gutiérrez's views on establishing male or female covenants.

In comparing Combat, homosexuality, male or female status amongst native American Indian men in the south west by Gutierrez and I know very well what I are by Valentine one is struck by the noticeable differences that both creators have in multiple amounts despite all their agreement about gender identity as a merchandise of culture and culture. Through mistakes in sculpt and data selection lumination can be shed on these types of aforementioned parts of contestation.

Gutierrez's key point of:

" Sexuality is a part not a status” (Gutierrez pg 29)

Spreads throughout his disagreement in a strong tonal feeling through its fatalistic and impersonal qualities. In showing the Berdache as conquered warriors enslaved to serve the financial and sexual needs of Native American men living segregated via women(Gutierrez 27), Gutierrez's strengthen acquires a causational aspect where stated evidence can be deemed irrevocably responsible in the gender part of the Berdache. Notably throughout the usage of visible representations of Berdache males in ritualistic dances with red fresh paint in between their thighs applied as irrefutable proof of Berdache subservience through male rasurado when others have postulated it could include simulated female menstruation presented the Berdache's mandated feminine appearance (Gutierrez 27). When tonally evocative of the outline of an anthropologist sure of his field, for taking such a tone specially when Gutierrez hints at his part being a reaction to recent revisionist works on Berdache denotes plans and by connection a bias(Gutierrez 19)

In comparison the sculpt of Valentines day argument is much more neutral if not mindful in its postulations due to the conflicting conclusions coming from his fieldwork. Furthermore in narrating his article from a first person perspective Valentine is able to collection a to some extent oddly fulsome tone for the reader. Particularly the story of Tamara's forward and backward...

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