Essay regarding Bruno Talk

Hello students and professors. I am Bruno Hoxha, this is my personal fourth season here in College or university of New York Tirana, and my main is rules. It is an reverance to be ahead and getting the chance to run for this Year's elections. During 4 years that I have been completely part of ths University I've seen many Studion Union which a lot of them really attempted to work with the other person, and not only using their member, nevertheless also with almost all student to create a student your life. Student life is still regarding learning—classes and studying remain at the center of the educational encounter. But students today, especially at community colleges, need to balance difficult schedules including not only classes, but as well jobs, families and a number of off-campus pursuits. We should learn many good things inside our student existence. Our key duty is usually to learn our lessons for school. We have to " gain knowledge. Each of our character should be good. If we become guys of persona, people will love us. The profesors will take great care of us. A boy of awful character cannot become a wonderful man. We must learn self-control. Strict self-discipline at colleges is very great for us. this teaches us obedience, punctuality, diligence, reliability, good good manners and forbearance. If we fail once, we shall try over and over. We must learn the value of the time. We should carry out everything with time. Time will not likely wait for all of us. If period is once gone, we cannot have it back. Each of our work is also not completed. Hence we have to not nonproductive away each of our time. We need to take care of our health and wellness. If our health and wellness is poor, we are unable to do anything. Our whole life becomes miserable. We need to have a social lifestyle in school, because it is the one of the most effective of student life, it is just a mix of lessons and activities, in or outside college. This can not really be developed by themselves, mainly because as Xhulia say, many freshmen have some difficulties to produce friends, or perhaps also being part of the community. My personal first time that I entered this kind of University I had been a bit frightened since I had been used to another type of life, with...

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