Age of Enlightenment and U. s. Cosmetic Essay

п»їChapter 6 Enlightenment Essay

The enlightenment thinkers had an affect on many government tips. The thinkers ideas are continue to in use today. Some of the thinkers are Locke, Voltaire, Beccaria, Montesquieu, and Rousseau. All of the thinkers recently had an influence on the U. S i9000. Constitution. The enlightenment thinkers influenced the U. S i9000. Constitution through their politics and social ideas.

The enlightenment thinkers influenced the U. T. Constitution with there personal ideas. Montesquieu had an influence with his notion of checks and balances and separation of power. Locke had his influence too, he had the concept all people are given birth to free and equal. This individual also stated that people are born with 3 rights and others are your life, liberty, and property and the government was going to protect those 3 legal rights. Beccaria also had thinking about criminal justice. Many thinkers influenced the U. S. Constitution see.

The enlightenment thinkers likewise influenced the U. S. Constitution with there cultural ideas. Voltaire had a large number of ideas, they will include flexibility of religious belief, freedom of speech, tolerance and purpose. Rousseau believed in individual independence. He likewise said that the U. S should have an immediate democracy that is certainly broader. Voltaire was one of the most influential and a lot brilliant enlightenment thinker. Voltaire and Rousseau had a wonderful influence on the U. H. Constitution socially.

The thinkers of the enlightenment had a superb influence within the U. H. Constitution unsurprisingly. They inspired the U. S. Constitution both politically and socially. The enlightenment thinkers as well had an affect on the Expenses of Rights. There were various great concepts and many superb thinkers during the period of time referred to as the enlightenment.

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