American Innovation changed American society Dissertation

п»їTristian Huerta

AP US Background

Mr. Ur. Martinez

3 Sep 2014


My spouse and i. Thesis Affirmation: Although the evolution occurring inside the 17th and 18th decades would result in diversity including three important factors: social problems, economics, and politics.

2. Social Concerns

A. Youthful males (Doc C)

W. Stratification (Doc H)

C. Families (Doc B)

M. " Made together” (Doc A)

3. Economics

A. Individual colonists, indentured servants, and slaves came for riches or fresh beginning (Doc C) B. Greed (Doc F)

C. Wage and Price Legislation (Doc E)

D. Purchase with overall economy (Doc D)

IV. National politics

A. Chief excutive George Berkeley (Doc G)

B. Bacon's Rebellion (Doc H)

C. Articles of Agreement (Doc D)

Versus. Conclusion: The factors of social problems, economics, and politics had been the cause of variety between the two regions. Tristian Huerta

AP US History

Mr. Martinez

23 Sep 2014

The New England and Chesapeake colonies were inhabited by English settlers for multiple reasons. Yet , over time both the regions developed into two distinct societies. These patterns in advancement will cause the regions to grow aside and, ultimately in the future, digital rebel against one another. Although the advancement occurring in the 17th and 18th centuries would lead to diversity concerning three important factors: social issues, economics, and politics. The first component accounting pertaining to the differing development is social concerns. The Chesapeake region was mainly filled by young men (and a few women), who also are mostly probably indentured servants (Doc C). Being self-employed, these people moved to this place seeking riches or a new beginning. While time progressed, the groupe in the Chesapeake began to distribute creating a interpersonal stratification. In 1676, this social difference will ignite an uprising called Bacon's Rebellion. Following leader Nathaniel Bacon pressured the House of Burgesses to authorize him to harm the Indians, Governor George Berkeley announced Bacon fantastic followers – land-hungry, white colored,...

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