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Journal of Medicinal Plant life Research Vol. 5(5), pp. 811-816, 4 March, 2011 Available online for

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The analysis of quality and antioxidant process of green

tea ingredients

Vilma Armoskaite*, Kristina Ramanauskiene, Audrius Maruska, Almantas Razukas, Audrone Dagilyte, Algirdas Baranauskas and Vitalis Briedis

Lithuanian University of Health Savoir - Treatments Academy, Lithuania.

Recognized 19 January, 2011

The aim of the study was to assess the structure of biologically active compounds, to determine the correlation between the attentiveness of biologically active substances and antioxidant activity, the dependence of extractive ingredients on the removal time, the standard of different tea preparation forms (daily tea, infusions, decoctions) of those teas found in Lithuanian market. 4 specimens of green tea by different regions of the world have been completely chosen as the object of analysis. Quality criteria's have been reviewed by using gravimetric and spectrophotometric methods. Detailed analysis have been performed employing high performance liquefied chromatography (HPLC) technique. With regards to analysis effects it can be mentioned that in the aspect of regards to antioxidant activity/phenolic compounds, the teas with highest figures in these proportions were these from China location. The least quantities in antioxidant activity, dried out residue and phenolic substances were of teas via Sri Lanka. We all tested the hypothesis that most green green teas have phenolic compounds his or her biological lively compounds also because of this number of active chemical substances they identify antioxidant activity. The study gave strong proof that green tea supplement as a daily preparation and as well as pharmaceutic form (infusions, decoctions, pills of green tea supplement extract) can also be used as preventive measures for cancerogenous processes, prostatic cancer, renal or lean meats diseases as a result of it's antioxidant and free radical holding properties.

Key words: Green tea supplement, aqueous ingredients, infusions, decoctions, phenolic ingredients, antioxidant activity.


Tea refers to the merchandise of the leaves, leaf pals, and

internodes in the Camellia sinensis or Camellia assamica

plant prepared by different methods, such as daily

prep, infusions, decoctions etc . Tea also refers to

the aromatic drink prepared from the cured leaves by

combination with hot or perhaps boiling water (Shapiro et approach.,

2006). At the moment tea is the second most well-liked

drink in the world (after water) (Cheng, 2006). The

thorough analysis of green tea is relevant in the terms of

preventive impact on metastasis of lung, breast cancer

(Ruhl et approach., 2005) prevention of infection, thrombosis

(as the issues of major heart attacks and

cardiovascular diseases) (Tsubono ainsi que al., 2001),

*Corresponding author. E-mail: [email protected] com. Tel:


preventive impact on atherosclerosis and positive influence on decreasing cholesterol concentration in the blood (Katiyar

et al., 1997), positive a result of it‘s antimutagenic and

anticancerogenic properties, antioxidant activities

established by ability to situation to free radicals and

reduce the effects of them (Khan et 's., 2007) and the effect of

decreasing the risk of renal calculi by thirty percent (Rijke ain al.,

2003). Continually and more and more new articles are

published in scientific literary works concerning preventive or treatment properties of green tea, it is therefore obvious

that either scientific community, either world is

interested in it‘s properties. Whilst analyzing immediately one of the main medical databases of science, it is

worked out that in year 2007 there have been 1866

content articles published regarding green tea, correspondingly 2072

articles in 2008 and 2297 articles or blog posts in 2009. The amount

of publications raises...

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