Georgia Department of Teen Justice Internet Activity Essay

п»ї1. When was the Georgia Department of Juvenile Proper rights created?

installment payments on your Briefly illustrate the Quest, Vision and Core Values of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice?

3. Who is the current Office of GA Dept. of Juvenile Proper rights? Where is the office located?

4. The Georgia Division of Juvenile Justice features " A Board”. Just how many individuals make up the Board? What really does the Board establish pursuant to O. C. G. A 49-4A-2? Precisely what is the objective of the board? What additional function do the board members enjoy?

5. In line with the website, how many people does DJJ employ? Just how many young ones does DJJ serve each year?

6th. According to the Atlanta Department of Juvenile Rights website, precisely what is the definition associated with an " unruly child”? (Hint: See Source Library)

7. Which will DJJ Workplace serves the county?

8. Precisely what are the four goals of the GA DJJ?

9. What are the duties and responsibilities of a Juvenile Correctional Officer I? What is the selecting pay selection and lowest qualifications?

twelve. What was the GA DJJ's annual operating budget for financial year 2012? What region was the most the cash spent? (See Resource Selection – DJJ Statistics)

11. In 2011, that which was the Intake total to get Admissions Statewide? (See Reference Library – DJJ Figures - Statewide - Snapshot)

12. In 2011, what wrongdoing were many juveniles admitted (intake) to RYDC (Statewide)? (See Source Library – DJJ Statistics – Statewide – Descriptive – Admissions)

13. Exactly what does RYDC indicate and how most are there inside the state of Georgia?

14. What is the objective of the RYDC?

15. Exactly what does YDC indicate? How many are there in the State of Georgia? Precisely what is the purpose of a great YDC?

16. In the May well 11, 2011 Press Release, Texas chief Deal authorized the " Good Patterns Bill”. Precisely what is the " Good Patterns Bill”?

17. List five designated crime acts for a juvenile to be committed. Precisely what is the minimal – optimum time the juvenile can be committed in a Youth Creation...

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