Barilla Case Analysis Article

A)Barilla SPA

1990: Barilla Spa had become largest Nudeln manufacturer.

35% Pasta sold in Italy

22% sold in The european countries.

A) Grow Network

Barilla owned and operated a substantial network of plants located throughout Italy. B) Barilla Divided their entire products into two general classes. Fresh Goods ( Shelf Life 21 times ) and Dry Products ( Shelf Life 18-24 Products)

C) Syndication Centres

South CDC(Central Distribution Centres)

North CDC(Central Distribution Centres)


Most Barilla goods were transported from the vegetation in which these people were made to among the two Barilla

CARRY OUT for indenependt supermarket

GD for Cycle of Superstore Chain

Barilla Maintained separate distribution systems for its new products and dry products. Dried out products were shipped to first one of the vanilla CDC, where we were holding purchased by distributors.

The distributors consequently shipped the merchandise to super markets. JITD proposal was focused solely for dry products.

D) Retailers

Small Independent Outlets: They commonly held more than two weeks of inventory. They purchased the product through broker agents who handled purchasing and distribution personnal. Supermarkets: 70% to superstore chains and 30% to independent supermarkets: They typically kept 10-12 days of inventory.

Important: Dry products meant for a superstore chain were distributed through chain's personal distribution organistion GD

And the ones destined for indepenedent grocery store were destinsed through PERFORM

E) Sales And Marketing

Advertising: Barilla Brands were heavily advertised. Positining in quality Trade promotions

Haevy Discounting. Amount Discounts

F) Distributor Ordering procedure

The majority of Distributors applied simple periodic review inventory systems.

G) Issues in Deamand Variability

Intense Demand Variabilty affected making and logistics operations.

H) Just With time Distribution to reduce the product variability...

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