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Q1 what is the aim setting and Strategy formula and Great Management Control ( ch 1 ) مهم

Q2 precisely what is the Effects Control? مهم

That involves fulfilling individuals intended for generating good results (meritocracies), or punishing these people for poor results. Results controls create meritocracies. In meritocracies, the reward are given to the the majority of talented and hardest working staff, rather than those with the greatest tenure. It influences activities because it triggers employees to become concerned about the effects of the actions they take. However , the employees' actions aren't constrained;

Staff are strengthened to take any kind of actions, not dictated by company, and in addition they believe that this kind of actions is going to best create the desired outcomes. Results regulates also encourage employees to learn and develop their talents and to get placed into jobs in which they can perform well. Because of this, well- designed results control systems can assist produce the required results. Can not be used in every situation, successful only where the desired result areas could be controlled (to a considerable extent) by the personnel whose activities are being influenced and where the controllable result areas can be measured effectively Effects controls happen to be consistent with decentralized forms of businesses. (for model Alfred Sloan in GMC ) Preventative type control, effective in addressing motivational problems, personal limitation concerns

Q3 precisely what is the Benefits controls provide several preventive-type benefits?

Q4 Circumstances determining the potency of result control? مهم

Q5 what is the Actions controls كل شابتر several  مهم Q6 precisely what is the Behavioral displacement and Gamesmanship? Phase 5 مهم

Q7 What is the Control benefits of offers? Chapter on the lookout for مهم Educational the effort directing purpose.

Rewards attract the employees' interest and say

of the comparable importance of often-competing results areas.: Employees know importance of...

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