corporate social responsibility Essay

п»їFrom the case research and the e-Activity, determine two (2) crucial reasons why people value the customer service that Nordstrom supplies. Examine Nordstrom's current corporate and business social responsibility activities, and suggest 1 (1) additional action which the company could take to further strengthen its corporate and business social responsibility efforts.

Two reasons why people value the consumer service that Nordstorm provides.

1 . With the recent recession of the economy, some people can easily relate more to the needs of others. It has change the outlook of most when it comes to community service or offering back. It seems that people have a heartwarming sense to know they are " buying cause” with this mindset that the portion of their money for a one hundred dollar pair of shoes will a greater cause. For instance, Not long ago i purchased some TOMS from Nordstorm. Once I remaining I experienced really good to know that my purchase would definitely give a kid in another country a pair of shoes that help Nordstorn with their social duties. This feeling was attained with just one single simple purchase and minimal effort which can be what this provider is trying to market.

2 . An additional aspect that attributes to Nordstorm's customer service is the top quality of apparel that they give to consumers. They keep up with trends and what is current in society. They provide their customers with a wide variety of selection that you just would not see in most shops. They also have a courtesy staff that gives constructive opinions of their inventory.

From the situation, suggest two (2) main reasons why you believe it is necessary for Walters Aeroworks to adopt its company community into consideration when addressing social responsibility. Assess the worth of a trustworthy corporate picture when considering increasing the company's current operations. Provide a rationale to your response.

Two reasons why I really believe it is important for Walters Aeroworks to take it is corporate community into consideration the moment...

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