Case Evaluation: National Posting Company Article

Circumstance Analysis: National Publishing Business

Problem Definition: Perception of children of higher age group towards the publication " Titli” as a magazine for younger children. Situational Analysis: " Titli”, a little one's fortnightly vernacular magazine published by Nationwide Publishing Company is marketplace leader in the children's journals segments. Inspite of an active advertising campaign campaign, advertising schemes and withdrawal of another leading children's fortnightly named " Children's delight” is displaying a down trend in its circulation. The circulation of youngsters magazine provides climbed a peak in 1986 then there is a gradual decline inside the circulation in this segment. Mister. R. Saxena, Marketing supervisor of the company had commissioned a study by someone that installs systems for a living market research organization for gaining deeper knowledge of the situation and also to obtain inputs which might assist him in making decisions. He is in deep pressure to revert back the declining sales and market share of the Titli magazine. Approach: National Submitting Company should come up with a fresh magazine known as as" Titli plus” which will be targeting age group varying 12-14 years (i. at the. VIII- Xclass). Supportive quarrels: Based on research, it is obvious that with increase in age group the readership is elevating till the age of 11 years and after that it is decreasing greatly. This could be related to the changing preference with the children with this age group. Lapsed readership rate (which is near about 57 %) also demonstrates children old group 12-14 years will be more discontinuing Titli as compared to younger age group. Examine also revealed that buyers discontinued buying Titli as they possess actually abandoned buying most children journals. Major area of leisure time by this age group is definitely spent on reading books and magazines besides watching TV. Alternative:

2. Titli as well as will appeal to the needs of matured children who wish to switch by children's part to some what knowledge based...

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