Cultural Involvement Paper Last Copy


Joshua Ballinger

Professor Linzey

Theology 1053

29 Oct 2014

Social Engagement:

How Christians Ought to Engage Their particular Culture

What exactly does Ethnical Engagement imply? What goal does it serve in the lives of Christians? Those are simply two of the many things that individuals think of when we are approached with the topic of Cultural Engagement. One meaning of Cultural Diamond is "... A healthy thought process how we should reply to our culture. ”(1) Nevertheless , to me Ethnical Engagement means to be able to turn down from that which we have recognized as evil and accept that which we recognize as good. It is significant for Christians to be able to identify the difference in good and evil. Goodness has given us the gift of free will, meaning that we have the option to do right and incorrect. While God has wants for us to perform and to stick to the things which can be right, He knows that occasionally we can fail and follow the needs of our individual heart. To be able to know what is correct and what is wrong we need to surround themselves with the things and people of God. Whenever we surround ourself with simply God we will be able to find out when the incorrect people or perhaps objects happen to be in our occurrence.

Portion of the way that people become packed with God is always to devour His Word, letting it become a integral part of the life. Once we know His word we have to have the bravery to stand on it and proclaim it as truth. If we carry out these things we are able to change the universe around all of us. That is the highest desire of anyone that genuinely is a Christian. Paul said it best lawn mowers of his writings found in 1st Corinthians 9: 19-23 where he says: nineteen For though I get rid all males, yet have I manufactured myself stalwart unto all, that I may well gain the greater. 20 And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, i might gain the Jews; to these people that are beneath the law, because under the rules, that I may possibly gain all of them that are under the law; twenty-one To all of them that are with no law, because without law, (being certainly not without law to Goodness, but under the law to Christ, ) that I may gain all of them that are with out law. twenty two To the weak became I actually as fragile, that I might gain the weak: I am built all things to any or all men, that I might at all cost save some. 3 And this I actually do for the gospel's sake, that I could possibly be partaker thereof with you. (2)

To be able to go where Christ would go, also to be able to do what Christ would carry out is the contact of every Christian. We are not to lower yourself to the amount of those we are trying to reach, but were to bring them to a greater expertise to their rightful place within the Kingdom of God. In other words, we are to help them come towards the realization of what it is in your daily course that is limiting themselves coming from being 1 with Goodness and guide them in the path of righteousness through repentance. The past several years I've been actively involved in beginning a Nursing Home and Jail ministry to get my local church. Each week we go in and away before the ones that are less lucky than us, bringing the Gospel to those that can be lost, and offering an encouraging expression to those who may have lost sight of The lord's Glory. There exists nothing even more rewarding to ministering to someone who is in a Nursing Home or a Prison. To be able to share with these people how that God directed His Boy to pass away upon the Cross of Calvary so that we

may be forgiven of all of the sins. The drawbacks burden elevated off of these people as they surrender their hearts unto our creator. Many times the individuals that are in prison are good people they just chosen to make poor choices just like you and I have got. They are scared that no person will love these people or ever before forgive them for what they may have, or even occasionally may not have done. The same holds true with these in the nursing facilities. Many times residents feel that they must have done something wrong for their people to secure them aside into a plush prison of their own. It is each of our responsibility to let them understand that even though it seems that no one different loves...

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18 October2014.

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