Daimler The chrysler Merger Evaluation Essay


|Organizational Habit | |DaimlerChrysler | |The case study of any historical combination, between two automobiles suppliers, which was staying branded because ‘match | |made in heaven'. This kind of report studies the root-causes, actual information and an insight to the corporate culture

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Circumstance Background3

Circumstance Analysis3

The History3

Social Heritage3

Social Differences3

Living Standard4

The ‘Domination' Factor4

Geographical Distance4

Organizational Structure4

Job Insecurity4

Merger or Acquisition4

The Communication Gap5

Solution – Redesigning DaimlerChrysler Strategy5


Mission Statement6

Establishing Strategies6

Bridging the Communication Gap6

Cultural Differences6


Organizational Structure6

The master of Who6

Employing the Strategy7


Circumstance Background

Daimler, a The german language car producer, was the thirteenth-largest car manufacturer and second-largest truck manufacturer in the world. Chrysler on the other hand was one of the most significant automobile firms in UNITED STATES, North America, particularly. This case gives us a tip into the planet's most anticipated merger inside the automobile's market which was believed to turn the car industry upside down and being branded since the ‘match made in heaven' by the German born CEO who have dreamed of overcoming the American automobile market through this kind of merger. With everything designed and all devices in place, the two leaders proceeded with the combination and the growing sun of winter 98 pronounced the Daimler and Chrysler hereby as ‘DaimlerChrysler'.

During the installation, strategy and business planning, every single detail was worked out however both equally sides perhaps overlooked the most important and sensitive component called ‘Human', the our bones of any corporate skeleton which down the line become the major factor in the demerger of the DaimlerChrysler.

Case Analysis

The truth review explains to a lot of stories and issues using parallel and fact all of the problems are connected with each other and little things along made up a huge issue which will later on proven the ‘perfect match' as indeed a mismatch. We will talk about all the concerns in details and cover them one by one:

The History

The main issue involving the employees of Daimler and Chrysler or both parties was the ‘history', that was full of retaliation, vengeance and revenge. The two countries had been involved in blood-shedding battles and had a grudge for each additional and this factor was anything completely over and above the A language like german and American CEO. They will could have urged and driven the employees towards a common target but cannot alter their very own feelings for every single other.

Ethnic Heritage

Equally companies discuss a different heritage of culture which was the truth is a modern shape of their countries' respective reputations. German acquired always been in war were used to are in more type of dictatorship therefore they were extremely disciplined and set of guidelines towards everything they do and this could have been easily observed in Daimler's hierarchy and chain of commands.

Although Chrysler employees had a incredibly laid-back attitude towards corporate environment, these people were very everyday and tough with a environment genuinely reflecting the American lifestyle which was unwanted by the...

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