Essay about Difference Between Logistics, Supply Management and Distribution

Logistics is a Diverse and dynamic function. As Rushton (2006) contents that a widely accepted watch of logistics shows the following relationship: Logistics = Supply + Components management + Distribution

It is first important that we get a better understanding of the relationship displayed above by defining the variables included. Supply inside the above formula can be said to incorporate supply restaurants while elements management is needed because it is generally concerned with the flow of materials from production. In respect to Lysons (2006), " Supply stores are thought as the movement of elements through purchase, manufacturing, division, sales and disposal, with the associated transportation and storage”. (page; 101) Lysons procedes define components management

" As the planning, business, and control of all areas of inventory taking on procurement, warehousing, work-in-progress and distribution of finished goods”. (page: 86) Distribution alternatively has been defined by Chopra (2010) as referring to; " The steps taken up move and store an item from a supplier level to a consumer stage in the supply string. ”(page: 86) From this example, logistics can be said to be worried about the physical flows, data flows, storage of unprocessed trash, their usage and their flow all the way through towards the final circulation of the done product. Hence, supply and materials managing represents the storage and flows into and through the production procedure, while distribution represents the storage and flows in the final creation point before the customer or end user. To summarize, the relationship which usually exists between logistics, source and distribution management can be said to form a synergy which in turn assists organizations to become profitable.  


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