The Human Resource Management is a relatively new approach to managing people in any business or agencies. People are considered as the key source in this approach. It is considered with the people dimension in management of an business. Since an organization is a human body of people, their particular acquisition, development of skills, motivation for larger levels of attainments, as well as making sure maintenance of their very own level of dedication are all significant activities. These activities along with the website of Hrm.

Human Resource Management can be described as process, which in turn consists of four main activities, namely, acquisition, development, inspiration as well as maintenance of human resource management.

Jeff, Clothier and Spriegel have got defined Human Resource Management as that branch of management which is responsible on a personnel basis pertaining to concentrating on these aspects of procedures which are generally concerned with the relationship of management to personnel and workers and with the advancement the individual plus the group.

Hrm is responsible for maintaining good human being relations in the organization. Additionally it is concerned with progress individuals and having integration of goals of the organization and those of the persons.

Northcott views human resource management while an extension of general administration, that of prompting and exciting every employee to make his fullest contribution to the aim of a business. Human Resource Management is not something that could be separated in the basic managerial function. It is a major component of the larger managerial function.

French Wendel, defines " Human resource management because the recruitment, selection, creation, utilization, payment and inspiration of recruiting by the organization”.

According to Edwin M. Flippo, " Human resource management may be the planning, arranging, directing and controlling in the procurement, expansion, resources for the end that each and social objectives will be accomplished. ” This classification reveals that human resource (HR) management is that aspect of administration, which deals with the planning, managing, directing and controlling the staff functions from the organization/agency.

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A. Brief History of Department of Open public Works and Highways Local Office Number 3

The Department of Public Works and Highways functions while the architectural and development arm of the Government requested to constantly develop the technology with regards to ensuring the protection of all system facilities and securing for a lot of public functions and highways the highest efficiency and quality in building.

DPWH is currently responsible for the planning, design, development and repair of infrastructure, particularly the national highways, flood control and normal water resources advancement system, and also other public performs in accordance with nationwide development goals. The development of the Department of Public Works and Roads (DPWH) into their present framework underwent a long process of advancement spanning a century of colorful and significant events in lounging the groundwork for the physical foundation of the country. The Department is recognized as as aged as the Philippine government, its presence dates back to about four (4) decades at the time of the Spanish imperialiste era.  It surfaced from its embryonic form in 1565 if the first arrangement roads were constructed by simply forced labor. Fortresses then were linked by improved trails since supply lines and way of communications. While Spain was at its enlargement program in the hawaiian islands, it resorted to a coverage of interest by way of public works building.  To be able to pursue all their objective, the King of Spain selected the Spanish Governor Basic in the country as Chief of Public Works assisted by " Reunion Consultiva” through a...

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