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If a country develops its technology, the traditional abilities and ways of life die out. It can be pointless to keep them surviving. To what degree do you agree or differ with this kind of opinion? Nowadays, technological advancements and their speedy and wide applications are experiencing a significant influence on a country's traditional skills and means of life. Some argue that this kind of impact is so extraordinary it would make conventional skills and life style sob solete. However , I believe they might continue to prosper by providing alternatives to modern ways of life, and progressive ideas for contemporary technologies. To begin with, traditional skills and ways of life have grown to be an alternative solution for the problems brought on by " mainstreamed” ways of lifestyle which are significantly influenced by modern technologies. For instance, a comfortable restaurant where traditional, home-brewed beer is usually served, gives another encounter to people who are bored with branded drinks that have the same flavor and come out of mass production with new solutions. It is in this venue exactly where traditional abilities are stored, people become relaxed and well-informed. Providing selection and thus enriching modern means of life, this sort of traditional expertise and techniques for life could continue to have their place. Furthermore, conventional expertise provide impressive ideas to the development of modern technology. For example , sparkled by how the word " Love” is definitely traditionally woven into a jacket by a lot of ethnic group women in some parts of Asia, some business managers by textile sector have developed several production lines by applying the standard skills to Computer-Aided Designs (CAD). These products have boosted the companies' sales which have improved their expenditure in protecting traditional abilities for further developing their technologies. To conclude, traditional skills and life styles are increasingly becoming a useful substitute for the homogeneity brought by global applications of modern technologies. Yet , the evolution of technology is a selection, whereby some would become obsolete, yet there is no doubt that some could thrive when their jobs are treasured. Public libraries should just provide catalogs and should certainly not waste their particular limited methods on pricey high-tech mass media such as software program, videos or DVDs. Do you really agree or disagree? With the proliferation of high-tech multimedia, some people hold that the public your local library would be rendered obsolete if they do not give software, movies or DVDs to their users while other assert is actually only a waste of limited resources and the your local library should offer books only. High-tech media is, in lots of ways, indeed better than the catalogs in terms of entertainment, attraction, and functionality. As an example, videos and DVDs function as a visual means to assist individuals to have a first-hand encounter even though those people have not bodily visited or perhaps seen the objects that are introduced inside the books. Also, despite the audio-visual gear would be beyond reach to install, the administrative centre cost can be lowered simply by appealing to a substantial number of users. More importantly, software program could support the collection goers to reach the Internet to update their very own knowledge each and every day; in contrast, books typically have multiple months to be released, which in turn render their contents outdated to some extent. In addition , upon learning that the laptop literacy has become an essential skill recently, open public libraries is going to take on the responsibility to educate its users how to operate a computer. Furthermore, it is a prevalent practice for many public libraries to share their resources over the internet. In this way, even if one book of interest may not be found in one library, the borrower nonetheless could identify the book from other libraries and after that request the librarians to transfer the book fot it library. In conclusion, public your local library would advantage in multiple ways in the event that they are equipped with the high end media. There is absolutely no...

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