Critical Evaluation of Edgar Allan Poe’s Alone Composition

Jack port Steele

ENG - 102 - 0117

26 January 2013

Critical Analysis

Edgar Allan Poe is a popular yet frequently misunderstood creator. This is generally due to his own personal tragedies that he suffered throughout his junior. The poem, " Alone” is a glimpse into the stressed soul in the now well-known Poe and how he never looked at your life the same as his peers.

In the first several lines of " Alone” it immediately becomes noticeable that from a very early age Poe have been aware that having been different. For example , the lines " Coming from childhood's hour I have not really been while others were - I have not known as others observed, ” illustrate that this individual has resided his lifestyle accompanied by misery, woe, anguish and isolation. The author lives in a despondent state by which he simply cannot find joy or joy from the same things because others: " I could not bring my personal passions by a common spring. ” Then he carries on with, " From the same source I possess not taken my sorrow, ” meaning that his heartaches are his own but not shared with anyone else which brings the reader towards the title " Alone. ”

Poe's stressed life inspired his articles by giving these people a slightly grim tone. In " Alone” Poe tries to express that he usually sees the dark in everything. Even when joy comes up he cannot embrace that enough to overcast the sorrow in the heart: " I could certainly not awaken my heart to joy at the same tone; and everything I lov'd I lov'd alone. ” The italicized " I” further highlights his solitude.

Around halfway through his poem the writer begins to issue why he cannot embrace the beauty about him: " From the bittorrent or the water fountain - Through the red high cliff of the pile - Through the sun that round myself roll'd - in its fall months tint of gold. ” At first go through these lines seem to represent beauty nevertheless looking much deeper there is one more theme. The red cliff or bloodstream on the pile and sunlight rolling around him instead of shining about him, as well as the autumn setting where items start to perish are all examples of the grim picture Poe paints. This individual sees the...

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