Ethics Case Study Essay

Ethics Case Study

Jerry McCall is your office assistant to get Dr . William's. Jerry has brought training while both a medical helper and Qualified practical nursing staff (LPN). In the period the receptionist is out to lunch Jerry is covering up for her. Jerry is confronted with a common issue in the health care discipline today. Jerry has been asked to call in a refill for Valium to a pharmacy for a patient. This daily news will treat why Jerry is not qualified to refill any kind of prescription medication. In the event that Jerry is definitely protected if the lawsuit full. Jerry's decision is a difficult one, legal and ethical issues and advice will probably be provided for Jerry's use. Jerry has received teaching as a medical assistant and a LPN and offers gained information about prescription drugs. Jerry knows that along with his training he could be not allowed to refill a prescription medication. Jerry knows that Valium is a great addictive medicine. Jerry is not allowed to refill this kind of prescription as they is not really a medical doctor, dentist, or a psychiatrist. Jerry offers training for a LPN and knows that regardless of what type of medication a patient can be asking him to re-fill he is prohibited to. If perhaps there are no more refills within the prescription container the only thing Jerry can perform in this position is to schedule the patient intended for an appointment with the physician. The individual is asking for a fill up for Valium but could also ask for a refill for high blood pressure medication. If the patient has to call up because he or she is out of refills on the health professional prescribed bottle must renew the prescription which could only be done by a medical doctor. The doctrine of respondent superior is definitely defined the employer is liable for the employee's actions (Farlex, INCORPORATION, 2011). If a lawsuit full Jerry are usually protected. The reading would not state in the event that Jerry transported his individual malpractice insurance or just passed in on his employer's insurance. In the event Jerry does have his own malpractice insurance he would understand that his insurance will pay legal counsel to represent him...

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