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Best Practice Case Study: Improving

Leadership Efficiency at GE Financial

Interview with Dr . Linda

Sharkey by Rich Sharp

Doctor Sharkey is currently

Executive Overseer of

Exec Networks, Incorporation.

and publisher of Enhancing

Talent: What Every Head

and Supervisor Needs to

Know to Sustain the

Ultimate Workforce

Linda Sharkey recognizes leadership.

Since Executive Representative of Exec Networks,

Inc. —an business that links key HR

heads through the largest corporations in the

world—she provides people with fresh ideas,

tips, practical materials and " early warnings” on

crucial trends and innovations. She is also Strategic

Partner with the Vaya Group (formerly Business

Insights), in which she performs an integral function in their

ability practice, and a beginning member of the

Marshall Goldsmith Group.

Her past includes serving as V. P. of People

Advancement at Hewlett-Packard, where she

was responsible for establishing and driving

you’re able to send talent management initiative,

including a groundbreaking analysis process,

which enabled the organization to see the manners

it the majority of valued and culture that supported.

But what Sharkey is best known for may be the work

the lady did with leaders in GE—championing a

process that was referred to by CEO and business

icon Jack Welch as being a " greatest practice in leadership

advancement. ”

At the core of that function are the online surveys and

inventories that Sharkey used although doing

research for her dissertation—specifically, the

statistically normed and validated tools created

simply by Human Synergistics International (HSI).

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" I actually started employing Human Synergistics'

Organizational Tradition InventoryВ® (OCIВ®)

as part of the classification toolset I selected intended for

research at my PhD plan at Benedictine

University, ” said Sharkey.

Having been fascinated by the web link

between culture and management, Sharkey identified

HSI exploration,...

Business Integrity Essay