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1 ) В Which from the following functions is responsible for some of the movement of goods and/or solutions across organizations? В A. В Purchasing

B. В Operations

C. В Logistics

D. В None of theseВ

2 . В Approximately, what percentage of the American workforce performs in service industries? В A. В 20%

N. В 40%

C. В 60%

Deb. В 80%В

three or more. В The 4 decision areas in operations management will be: В

A. В Planning, technology, inventory, and control

M. В quality, procedure, capacity, and inventory

C. В Process, top quality, technology, and capacity

G. В None of theseВ

5. В The 3 primary features that exist for most business organizations are: В A. В Functions, accounting, and finance

W. В Functions, production, and finance

C. В Production, marketing, and human resources

D. В Procedures, finance, and marketing

five. В The three major features of business organizations: В A. В Are mutually exclusive

B. В Function independently of every other

C. В Interact with each other

D. В Do not interact with each other

6th. В Supply sequence management includes the integration of: В

A. В Suppliers

N. В Manufacturers

C. В Customers

G. В All in the above

six. В The supply chain stretches from: В

A. В Supplier to making

B. В Supplier to dealer

C. В Dealer to customer

D. В Supplier to customer

8. В The process watch provides a basis for browsing an entire organization as a system of interconnected procedures. В TrueВ В В В False

9. В As price boosts and rewards remain regular, the value of an item increases. В TrueВ В В В FalseВ

10. В The several common procedures objectives of quality, cost, delivery, and flexibility are: В A. В Determined solely by simply operations workers

B. В Independent of each other

C. В Interdependent

D. В Not relevant to marketing and finance

11. В In the product imitator approach, the order winner is usually _____, whilst in the product boss strategy, the order success is usually ______. В A. В Flexibility, selling price

B. В Flexibility, quality

C. В Quality, price

D. В Price, flexibility

12. В Which in the following displays a potential special competence? В A. В Patented technology

B. В A successful business technique

C. В Ten applications for every single open location

D. В Low cost development

13. В A decision is manufactured that suppliers will be picked based on quality rather than cost. This is one of which from the following? В A. В Objective

B. В Mission

C. В Distinctive Competence

Deb. В Strategic decisionВ

14. В Next year's aim is to load 99% coming from all orders from stock. This is an example of which in turn of the next? В A. В Objective

W. В Mission

C. В Distinctive competence

D. В Strategic decisionВ

15. В Which functions objective does the author suggest as the foundation for improvement in the additional operations aims? В A. В Cost

M. В Quality

C. В Delivery

Deb. В FlexibilityВ

18. В McDonald's exclusive competence has changed over time. В TrueВ В В В FalseВ

17. В A corporate strategy often drives the business strategy, which in turn drives the operations technique in an organization. В TrueВ В В В FalseВ

18. В The business technique can be derived from a business's distinctive competence. В TrueВ В В В FalseВ

19. В Imitative products have got low profit margins and reasonably predictable demand. В TrueВ В В В False

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20. В How do the operations strategic decisions differ for the product imitator strategy versus a product head strategy? В Product imitator is concerned with competing on price although product head is concerned with competing on flexibility. Which means that the imitator wants to produce at large capacity, low cost, low flexibility, consistent quality but zero necessarily excessive. The product innovator needs to be capable of change it is operation rapidly to adapt to technology and demand. Therefore they are actually competing on flexibility. The coffee quality is supposed to be good nevertheless doesn't have being amazing, and the cost will be high. В 21. В Process efficiency is usually greatest in which kind of process? В A. В Assembly line

B. В Batch...

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