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Introduction to Sociology

Test 1

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the affirmation or answers the question.

1)Because of her outstanding and effective efforts at sociable reform while demonstrated in her are co-founder of Hull Residence, ________ was obviously a co-winner in the Nobel Peacefulness Prize in 1931.

A)Jane Addams

B)Alice Stalinsky

C)Elsie Clews Parsons

D)Charlotte Kendrick Gilman

2)Of the following influences, the one that C. Wright Mills many attributed to being the one that sociologists would use to explain specific behavior is ________.

A)external influences


C)common impression

D)inherited abilities

3)Functionalists generally agree that the family, mainly because it exists today ________.

A)is dysfunctional

B)is almost entirely self satisfactory

C)is an out of date institution

D)has lost many of the traditional capabilities

4)Max Weber known as the openness to invest capital in order to make more income the ________.

A)spirit of capitalism

B)Protestant ethic

C)the spirit of verstehen

D)entrepreneurial ethic

5)The book printed by T. E. N. DuBois in 1899 that analyzed how African Americans in a significant United States city coped with racism was ________.

A)White More than Black

B)The Philadelphia Marrano

C)The Souls of Black Folks

D)The Crisis

6)When Harry returned by a business appointment in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, his wife asked him what this individual thought of the Vietnamese persons. Harry replied, " they're primitive people that eat roast dog, travel wildly about town upon motor scooters, and speak very fast. " Harry's response best qualifies as an example of ________.

A)the self fulfilling prophecy

B)cultural durchmischung

C)the relativist argument


7)From a sociological perspective, which statement best classifies nineteenth century Mormons and modern world physicians?

A)Both would be categorized as subcultures.

B)The Mormons would be classified a counterculture as well as the physicians a subculture. C)The Mormons can be classified a subculture plus the physicians a counterculture. D)Both would be categorized as counter-top cultures.

8)When sociable values contradict one another, such contradictions is a supply of ________. A)social solidarity

B)social alter

C)social integration

D)social opinion

9)To fully understand the Islamic practice of polygyny (men having multiple wives), it is necessary to make use of the perspective of ________.

A)cultural relativism



D)cultural universals

10)Although formal education is intended to transmit knowledge and abilities, it accidentally teaches college students that the same rules apply to everyone. This universality reflects what sociologists describe as ________.

A)a latent function

B)a style variable

C)a signaling system

D)a reveal function

11)Society's labels of levels in life such as " childhood" and " old age" is mostly the result of ________.

A)an person's status

B)the chronological age of the individual

C)social definitions

D)the looks of the individual

12)George Herbert Mead theorized that learning how to take the function of the other entails three phases which are the ________, ________, and ________ stages.

A)imitation; play; games

B)primary; extra; tertiary

C)sensorimotor; preoperational; operational

D)id; spirit; superego

13)The procedure for learning new norms, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors is referred to as ________.


B)anticipatory socialization

C)the " looking-glass self"


14)A category of people who have comparable degrees of income and education and who act on jobs which might be roughly comparable in reputation constitutes a ________.

A)social category

B)social class

C)social role

D)social status

15)The differences in behaviors and attitudes experienced by several categories of...

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