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Head Girl Speech

Good afternoon other panthers, 1st I would like to thank mother and father, siblings and friends for their countless hours that they have put towards my Head Young lady campaign. With out their support and support I know this campaign might have not been as successful as it is. For those of you whom aren't acquainted with me, i am Grace Kennedy and I would be truly honoured to be your following Head Girl. Now I know all of us have their own model on exactly what a university head woman is. Nevertheless I have noted a list of the very best three explanations why I am the most qualified for this location and what I have to offer Regi. (30 secs) Number 3, in the course of retaining an honour-roll average through high school, We am extremely involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular actions offered at each of our school. Becoming a part of different sports teams each season like the cross country, volleyball, sports, swimming, rugby and the rowing team, offers taught me the meaning of commitment, commitment, responsibility, time management and working with other folks. As well as being a student athlete, I have been an associate of both the Junior and Senior College Band and school play. My involvement in these actions have not simply helped me develop physically, socially and psychologically but have likewise helped me learn to create a well balanced healthy way of living. Number two, can be ability to deal with criticism. Certainly I've been given favourable chances so far in high school. Nevertheless I have got my great number of problems. In quality 9, I had been cut on the very previous junior young ladies basketball tryout and this year coming from senior ladies soccer. Irrespective of being disappointed, I was not one to stop. I truly assume that as one door closes, another door always opens. Perseverance is a top quality that has served me well. During the institution year it will have ideas that may get power down but as the saying should go, as one door closes, another one opens. Finally we have come to number one which is, I have the ability to get along...

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