health studies 1000 word assignment Article

п»їTitle web page: A critical research of sociable and medical model.

Name of module: Understanding Health

Module code: HS1103

Component leader term: Dr Mahwish Hayee

Pupil number:

Job title: Discuss and define key concepts in wellness

. Topic: Specify the cultural and medical model of well being, describe the similarities and differences between your two quests.

Examination grid


0 – 30



a few


installment payments on your 2


2 . 1


very first



No relevant points or perhaps issues covered

Generally irrelevant

Significant parts unimportant

Considerable parts relevant

Mainly relevant

Protects all relevant points/issues пѓЁ Reasons/justifies Evidence of


Little or no





Comprehensive пѓЁ Original/creative Depth

Insufficient depth


Largely superficial, limited deeper search

Some factors explored deeply

Most items explored deeply

Deep hunt for all points пѓЁ Critical analysis/ evaluation

Advancement argument/ examination and evaluation

No research or analysis

Limited analysis/ evaluation

Variable analysis/ evaluation

Sensible analysis/ analysis

Sound analysis/ evaluation

Extensive пѓЁ Critical/analytical/original Evidence of wider browsing

No facts



Many examples

Wide ranging

Extensive пѓЁ Extends opportunity of work Use of evidence to aid statements/


None used

Limited utilization of references to back up argument

Some make use of references to support argument

Changing use of references to support argument

Recommendations mostly popular to support disagreement

Comprehensive пѓЁ Critical analysis/ evaluation Composition

No clear composition - can not be followed

Limited – hard to follow during

Some – difficult to stick to in parts

Sensible – may mostly end up being followed

Sound – can be followed

Organized – easy to understand  Interesting/ stimulating Referring to

No referencing

Referencing wrong

Significant errors/omissions

Some errors and/or absences

Recommendations generally cited correctly with few errors/


References effectively cited пѓЁ Professional normal

Illustrations and tables

Absent/ unimportant



Do not support work

Partially support work

Clarify work

Enhance work пѓЁ Extend scope of work Display

Does not conform to guidelines

Limited conformity to guidelines

Some conformity to rules

Variable conformity to suggestions

Mostly conforms to rules

Completely conforms пѓЁ Extend scope of work to guidelines

Crafted communication (including grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph construction) Many mistakes, text cannot be followed

Recurrent, major problems – textual content difficult to adhere to

Frequent errors – impairs readability

Occasional errors – textual content mainly crystal clear

Few minimal errors – text very clear

No errors пѓЁ Improved readability/comprehension

The following essay will certainly define wellness, in relation to the social and medical type of health. Some of the both social and medical model will be in particular essay as well as comparisons from the similarities that they can both have. From this essay it is crucial to describe the positives and negatives of both models as it shows an understanding of both of the versions. I will begin my composition by...

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