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Geographic Concerns - The distance of the groupe from The united kingdom created a independence that was hard to overcome. Individuals willing to colonize the new world generally a new strong impartial streak desiring new possibilities and more independence •1754-1763 -- French and Indian War
This war among Britain and France ended with the victorious British deeply in debt and demanding more revenue from your colonies. With all the defeat with the French, the colonies started to be less influenced by Britain pertaining to protection. 
 •1763 - Proclamation of 1763
This prohibited settlement further than the Appalachian Mountains. When Britain did not intend to damage the colonists, many colonists took wrongdoing at this order. 
 •1764 - Sweets Act
This act raised revenue by raising duties on sugar brought in from the Western world Indies. 
 •1764 - Currency Act
Parliament argued that colonial money had induced a devaluation harmful to English trade. They banned American assemblies from issuing daily news bills or perhaps bills of credit. 
 •1764 - Committees of Correspondence
Organized simply by Samuel Adams, these helped spread divulgacion and details through albhabets. 
 •1765 - Field Act
Britain bought that colonists were to residence and nourish British military if necessary. 
 •1765 -- Stamp Act
This required duty stamps about many products and files including handmade cards, newspapers, and marriage licenses. Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) George Grenville stated that direct duty was designed for the groupe to pay for defense. Previous fees imposed by simply Britain have been indirect, or perhaps hidden. •→ United colonial time opposition, affects EVERYONE

◦1765 - Stamps Act Congress
In 1765, 28 delegates by nine groupe met in New York City and drew up a statement of rights and grievances thereby bringing colonies together against Britain. ◦Result: Andrew Oliver (Stamp Collector) hanged in effigy by Ebenezer Macs and with a crowd destroyed stamp business office and ransacked his property ◦1765 Nonimportation: Boycott right up until stamp work...

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