Essay in IELTS

 New attraction -- recommendation pertaining to winning admittance

I believe the Sunken Ship Museum - Yangjiang, South China will need to win competition. It is one of a kind, and contains a huge industrial potential.

This report traces the key popular features of the new attraction that we truly feel should earn the competition. It offers reasons why the project was selected and explains why the new fascination should be business success.


1 . One of a kind. The art gallery is located underwater. it is the merely one of its kind in Asia, and one of the few on the globe. 2 . Traditional and ethnical. The main demonstrate is a send with its 800-year-old history and tradition. 3. Dreamlike. The old dispatch is 24 metres under the surface from the sea. There is also a transparent underwater corridor for visitors to walk through and discover the deliver. What's more interesting is that they are able to see that the wooden is still taking on a brown color, which shows that it includes not carbonized over the past 800 years. 5. Enjoyable. Tourists can enjoy the precious art target which have been obtained from the ship.

The museum is the 1st theme museum in the world to expose to visitors its means of underwater archaeology. Such an exclusive way of protection and display is the first time in comparable museums of the world, and very low positive effect in boosting the attention of people. In addition visitor could have an enjoyable and unforgettable encounter. There is no doubt that visitor will probably be happy to spend some money going to the Submerged Ship Museum. And we will earn a lot of money. They are exactly the reasons that you provide finance pertaining to the job.

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