Is Atticus a good daddy or not really? In the new Essay

Is Atticus a good father or not? In the new To Eliminate a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus is trying to become a good dad as much as they can to Look and Jem. He hardly ever brags about his skills. Atticus Finch only really wants to be a great father and a lawyer. He's loving and caring, tells his children what is the between good and wrong, and educates them about peoples rights.

Atticus as a parent is definitely teaching Scout and Jem of important values. He tries hardest to pass to his children his way of thinking for proper rights and equal rights. Atticus worries that his children find too many racism and injustice, he tries to show Jem and Scout that all folks are created equal besides making sure that they presume the same way he thinks nothing like most of the Maycomb people. " 'Why reasonable people move stark raving mad the moment anything concerning a Negro comes up, is something I actually don't pretend to understand…I just wish that Jem and Look come in my opinion for their answers instead of playing the town. I hope they keep in mind that enough. '" (88) Atticus wants his children to respect all people, and to always be racists among colored people and these people. When Look asks if perhaps he is a " nigger lover" as being a lot of the children say at school. Atticus responds, " 'I certainly i am. I do my best to love everybody…'" (108) This shows that Atticus can be not like the other people in Maycomb he tries to observe every individual as equal to the others. Showing his opinion in proper rights and individuals right, Atticus decides to take the Jeff Robinson case. He tells Uncle Jack why he accepted the case, " Assess Taylor indicated at me and said, 'You're That. ' …But do you think I really could face my own children in any other case? " (88) Here, Atticus shows someone his focal points as a parent or guardian. Knowing what will happen when ever defending a black guy, Atticus allows the case to prove his point to Jem and Search. Defending Ben Robinson Atticus sends some text of what courage actually is. Upon learning that Atticus will likely reduce the Mary Robinson circumstance in the courtroom, Scout...

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