Letter of Motivation -- Culinary Arts Essay



November you, 2011

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Special Mr. xxxxxx:

I are a graduate of Silliman University Bachelor of Scientific research in nursing and at present a Rn with a enthusiasm for food preparation, and who have seeks to find sufficient know-how, skills, way and knowledge as possible in the food and beverage discipline and eventually work in a growing and exciting company with a work place were my own talents and strengths are appreciated and challenged. As we both know, a good chef must have features like a good sense of flavor and smell for meals, creative to get out fresh dishes, efficient management skills to keep work organized, and good communication skills. This definition of an excellent chef offered as the basis for making my targets, in order to attain my culinary goals, which can be as follows: •develop my taste in the process of learning the preparation and presentation of fine and excellent quality food. •acquire culinary arts avenues of creative expression.

•come to understand the degrees of different ingredient combinations and techniques. •obtain distinct insight on the cooking history, roots, and theory of foodstuff. •gain expertise on the principles of sanitation, food record, practical facets of good business management, and human resource management pertaining to overall home efficiency. •cultivate speed, stamina, dexterity, teamwork, and a feeling of food beauty. I have primarily based the grounds to get opting to enrol for International Cooking Arts Academy Cebu because my primary choice for acquiring a certain amount for cooking arts because of the institution's well-defined goals, exceptional philosophy, high quality accreditations, exceptional two-year Culinary Arts Cook program in a reasonable enrolment fee, outstanding faculty and staff, and admirable contemporary kitchen and facilities. My spouse and i am pumped up about the possibility of becoming a member of your ICAAC family. I possess enclosed my resume to your review and hope to manage to meet with one to...

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