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Q. 1 Explain the various types of communication with relevant illustrations.


Interaction is a method that involves exchange of information, thoughts, ideas and emotions. Interaction is a process that involves a sender whom encodes and sends the message, which can be then transported via the interaction channel towards the receiver the place that the receiver decodes the communication, processes the information and sends an appropriate response via the same communication route.

Types of Communication

Connection can occur by means of various processes and strategies and depending on channel applied and the type of communication there can be various types of communication.

Types of Communication Based on Interaction Channels

Based on the programs used for communicating, the process of interaction can be generally classified since verbal connection and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication includes written and oral conversation whereas the nonverbal interaction includes gestures, facial expressions and pictures diagrams or pictures utilized for communication.

Mental Communication

We all communicate most of our tips to others through verbal communications. A large areas of our connection whether at work or outside is mental in characteristics. Verbal interaction is even more divided into crafted and oral communication.

The common communication identifies the used words inside the communication method. Oral connection can either end up being face-to-face connection or a discussion over the phone or on the voice conversation over the Internet. Voiced conversations or perhaps dialogs will be influenced by simply voice modulation, pitch, amount and even the speed and clarity of speaking.

The different type of verbal communication is definitely written communication. Written conversation can be possibly via snail mail, or email. The potency of written communication depends on the design of writing, language used, sentence structure, clarity and precision of language. For example , even a simple statement just like " a few discuss this kind of matter tomorrow” might be interpreted by one individual as " let's fulfill tomorrow” and by another since " let's discuss this kind of over the phone”.

Nonverbal Interaction

It refers to any way of conveying symbolism without usage of verbal dialect. nonverbal communication includes the entire body language of the person who can be speaking, which will include the human body posture, the hand signals, and total body moves. The cosmetic expressions as well play a major role although communication since the expressions on the person's face say a whole lot about his or her mood. Alternatively gestures just like a handshake, a smile or a embrace can individually convey emotions. Non mental communication may also be in the form of pictorial representations, signboards, or even photographs, sketches and paintings. For instance , a loudspeaker making a presentation may find that the target audience is not so interactive. Rather he notices people yawning during his presentation. By the end of the period, when he requests some opinions, there is total silence. The message presented in the over example is the fact audience is usually bored with the session. The silence shows that they have not listened to the session. The silence implies that they have certainly not listened to the session and the feedback can be negative.

Types of Interaction Based on Design and Goal

Based on the perception of communication, there can be two wide categories of conversation, which are formal and simple communication that contain their own pair of characteristic features.

Formal Connection

Formal connection includes each of the instances in which communication needs to occur in a set formal format. Commonly this can include all sorts of organization communication or perhaps corporate interaction. The style of conversation in this form is very formal and official. Official meetings,...

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