NT1330 Week 3 exercise Essay

Specifications – Meanings

1 . Program – A system of tranny method of which can be supported by telecommunications cabling just like 100base-Tx Ethernet, or digital voice over IP.

installment payments on your Unshielded turned pair – Twisted pair cabling is actually a type of wiring in which two conductors are twisted.

three or more. Shielded twisted pair – Twisted set cabling can be described as type of wiring in which two conductors are twisted

4. Fiber optic cable – a cable made of optic fibers which could transmit huge amounts of information at the speed of light.

a few. Dark fibers – Darker fiber or perhaps unlit fiber is untouched optical fabric available for use in fiber optic communications.

six. Coaxial cable connection – a transmission channel used for higher frequency signals.

six. Plenum – Plenum cable television is cable that is placed in the plenum spaces of buildings.

almost eight. Riser – A type of inside cable suitable for use in non-plenum vertical applications such as among floors of your building.

on the lookout for. Rip wire – a parallel cable of good yarn that is certainly situated under the jacket in the cable with regards to facilitating clothes removal.

10. Core – The conductors of the cable television.

11. Damping – weakening of pressure or strength.

12. Noise – Whatever interferes with or perhaps slows down the clarity or perhaps accuracy of communications.

13. Headroom – Attenuation to crosstalk rate.

14. ANSI – American National Criteria Institute

12-15. NFPA – National Open fire Protection Connection

16. FCC – National Communications Percentage

17. NIST – Nationwide Institute of Standards and Technology

18. OSHA – Occupational Security and Well being Administration

nineteen. Equipment room – a room or space inside a building for the storage or installation of mechanical/electrical devices.

twenty. Topology -- the physical or reasonable layout of any network

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