Odysseus Dissertation

" Odysseus is actually thoughtless, self-centered and deceitful to be a real hero. ” How far do you agree with this view? Certainly, I do acknowledge that Odysseus was thoughtless, selfish and deceitful require qualities had been necessary for him to complete his journey and be seen as an hero on his return to Ithaca. Greek heroes like Odysseus were greater than the average gentleman and obtained much prestige and popularity by being thoughtless, selfish and deceitful. Inevitability Odysseus, curiosity led him to make negative decisions all things considered he was simply human but not a goodness. This is important to keep in mind because those character defects Odysseus might have looked to master to be a hero. An example of his character faults is that of him being inconsiderate when he sacked the Island of Ismarus with his men, this decision triggered him shedding 72 of his males and many more casualties. His activities also raise red flags to the Gods whom manufactured his trip home even more complicated. Another incident is if he sent three of his men to find the area of the lotus eaters not having thought of their protection. His thoughtless action practically lost him some of his crew. His curiosity also led him to make silly decisions like when Odysseus went to explore the island with the Cyclops and foolishly entered Polyphemus's give uninvited which will disrespected the rules of xenia. His thoughtless decision brought on the fatality of 6th of his loyal men. Odysseus was also eager to show away so that he could feel more important than everyone else around him, when he told the Cyclops to note his name in the event asked who have blinded him. Odysseus is additionally a fraudulent and selfish hero once on the island of Aeolia the God of wind Aeolus, gave Odysseus a handbag of wind flow to speed up his quest home. He did not notify his team what was inside the bag, which will shows he does not trust his males. This also led to them opening the bag when Odysseus was asleep to verify if any possessions were inside. The consequence of this is that the deliver was offered back to the island of Aeolia which even more...

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