Performance Appraisal of Beximco Textiles Ltd. Essay


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Undoubtedly that the regarding working as we know it is speedily changing. Also at very little as 20 years ago, the changing times were calmer than they are today. Yet that doesn‟t mean that all of us didn‟t encounter change in the past. As part of an organization then, HRM must be ready to deal with the consequence of the changing word of work. For them, this means understanding the inference of the positive effect, technology changes, work-force range, changing skill requirements, ongoing improvement initiative, and worker involvement. Human Resource Management is highly highly valued in today‟s world of rapid growing and expansion exactly where coping plan the fast changing surroundings is unavoidable. Organization possessing a dream of providing the best inside their selected region along with getting the optimum return simply cannot visualize all their roadmap without valuing their own people. This kind of valuation occurs with the appropriate implementation of HRM. There are many aspects of HRM and our concerned is „Performance Appraisal”. We have examined and noticed the " Performance Appraisal” process of BEXIMCO TEXTILES LIMITED. one of the recognized & biggest textiles of Bangladesh. All of us tried to learn how they produced " Efficiency Appraisal” for their Executives. To compete effectively the organization must understand: 1 What is required for making " Performance Appraisal” 2 . Who are the significant Rectors. several. What approach they apply for preparing " Performance Appraisal” sheet 3. What are the constraints.


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Purpose of the Report

The main purpose of this report is to find out the HRM practice in the organizations of Bangladesh in the aspect of " Performance Appraisal”. Main Targets of the Record The main aims of the examine are: • To analyze the " Overall performance Appraisal” treatment of Beximco Textiles Limited. • To make a comparison between your theories and the application in real life. • To fulfill the MBA program requirement of the Manpower Organizing & Personnel Policy.


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Way of acquire the Information

We certainly have used the two primary and secondary supply of data to get all the information. Major source of Info Collections happen to be: • The views and opinion stated by the HR management with the Beximco Textiles Ltd. Supplementary Sources of Info Collections happen to be: • HRM manual of Beximco Textiles Ltd. • Annual report of Beximco Textiles Limited. • Website of Beximco Textiles Ltd.



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Since the inception, Beximco Group became the pioneer of brain hunting for all of their Fields and successfully built up the best skillsets from within the country as well as coming from abroad and can make an exceptional environment to flourish all their qualities and capabilities by using their capabilities in the process of producing, maintenance and naturally in the management in wide. The human assets engaged in Beximco Group have become the best value of their potentials and never look anywhere other than drastically contributing all their highest attempts for the continuous development of the company.

The best management of human resources in Beximco Fabrics ensured nurturing of the potentials of these skillsets through working in an environment getting the state of the art production facilities and achieving the fulfillment of job and praise, On the other hand the organization, employer of the highest volume of professional including the MBAs, CAs, CMAs, authorities having the doctors of philosophy (PhDs) provides the proud to be the largest employer of the region and provides the strength of getting things basically possible which is always becoming difficult pertaining to the opponents and 'impossible' to the others. Beximco Textiles Limited a firm of continually maintaining the best employeemanagement communication & romance abiding by the Internationally recognized and authorized standard of compliance provides ensured not simply recruiting the best manpower but also has the record of retaining all of them...

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