Essay about People v Sandiganbayan


G. R. Nos. 115439-41

July 16, 1997


To prevent a conniving lawyer from exposing the genesis of a criminal offenses which was after committed pursuant to a conspiracy theory, because of the doubt thereto of his conspiring client, can be one of the most severe travesties in the rules of evidence and practice inside the noble occupation of rules.


Paredes, a Provincial Lawyer, applied for a free patent. It was granted by later on terminated as it was attained through bogus misrepresentations, as the terrain had been chosen and reserved as a university site. An instance for perjury was registered against him, and the Tanodbayan issued a recommendation for criminal prosecution. In all these cases, Atty. Sansaet was your counsel to get Paredes. That they filed a motion intended for reconsideration on the recommendation intended for the Tanodbayan attaching falsified documents, making it appear which a criminal prosecution would lead to double jeopardy. Later on, a case before the Sandiganbayan was filed against Paredes, Atty, Sansaet, and one other for breach of Ur. A. 3019. The issue in this case is whether Atty. Sansaet could be discharged like a state witness. The Sandiganbayan refused saying that it was against attorney consumer privilege, nevertheless the court held that Sandiganbayan erred since there was simply no such advantage in a conspiracy to do unlawful acts.


CIRCUMSTANCE #1, FREE PATENT: In 1976, respondent Paredes (a Provincial Attorney) applied for a totally free patent more than a certain whole lot. His software was approved and, pursuant to a free of charge patent awarded to him, an original license of title was released in his prefer for that lot which is located within the colectividad of S . fransisco, Agusan de Sur. Yet , the Overseer of Royaume filed a task for the cancellation from the patent and certificate of title considering that the land have been designated and reserved being a school web page in the above mentioned subdivision survey. The trial court rendered judgment nullifying said obvious and name...

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