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The Viewpoints of Watson, Skinner, and Tolman

Steven Billingsley

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The Perspectives of Watson, Skinner, and Tolman

Dating back in ancient moments, psychology is a very important application for learning people's actions and ways of thinking. There were countless numbers of people who have played out a big function in breakthroughs and hypotheses in psychology that have made its way to the modern days. This newspaper will compare and contrast perspectives of three individuals that have manufactured a big difference in the wonderful world of psychology. " There were various that altered and increased the ideas and methods of American Behaviorism through the ages” (superadmin,  2011). The three many influential psychologist's perspectives that will be compared and contrasted incorporate John B. Watson, B. F. Skinner, and Edward C. Tolman. Each point of view of the 3 will be referred to on how their particular perspectives correspond with the field of modern-day psychology. David B. Watson

In Watson's early years to examine behavior this individual mostly used family pets as themes. Later on this individual focused more on human being behaviors and emotions. One of Watson's most well-known studies was known as the Very little Albert Test where he attempted to theorize that children possess three basic emotional reactions (Watson, 1999). These reactions include dread, rage, and love (Watson, 1999). " He planned to prove that these types of three reactions could be artificially conditioned in children. Watson used a little boy known as Albert to test his theory. He regularly presented Albert a tipp in conjunction with a sudden, loud noises to characteristically condition anxiety about the rat” (Watson,  1999). ”Watson states that behaviorism is the study of individual behavior. It can be simply the research of what people do. Behaviorism is intended to take psychology up to the same level as additional sciences. The first job is to watch behavior and make estimations, then for taking determine causal relationships. Behavior can be reduced to associations between...

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