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Absenteeism is defined as a period when a scholar does not attend school (Teasley, 2004). Learners who tend not to attend institution will generally fall behind their classmates in their academics success (Ford & Sutphen, 1996). They may have fewer in order to learn the supplies that will help them to achieve success (Epstein & Sheldon, 2002). The focus of student absenteeism ranges from early education until young years (Ford & Sutphen, 1996). This means that absenteeism in a student starts by his/her young years. Within an educational organization, absenteeism is actually a perennial problem ( Buccat and Cuntapay, 2006).

Is truancy the same as absenteeism? Truancy is like absenteeism, nevertheless truancy is usually an unexcused absence from practice or classes about which will parents typically do not know. Truancy in students has been located to come from a great influence of peers, contact with professors, the way the program is delivered to the student, family aspects, intimidation and others (Reid, 2005). The primary difference among truancy and absenteeism is the fact truancy is usually unexcused and unlawful deficiency from school with no parental knowledge or agreement (Teasley, 2004).

Student's absenteeism has several effects. According to Conie A. Menia (2014), costly alarming issue for administrators, teachers, father and mother, and the culture, in general, as well as the students, specifically. Clores (2009) stated that truancy might indicate low performance of teachers, students' dissatisfaction with the school service, or lack of or poor academic and non- educational structures or policies that address the problems or elements influencing or reinforcing this behavior. Another study ( Savers, D. et al, 2005) says that when students misses per day of school they must have dropped the chance to listen to others, translate and analyzing the lessons or joins the interaction in the class. Mom and dad are financially mired for having their children to stay much longer in the...

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