Separatist Movements in India Essay



eparatist movements in India can generally be divided in to various categories on such basis as various elements like geographical locations of area, famous backgrounds, ethnicity, language & religion, etc .

The first important movements discussed in the paper is struggle of Kashmiris for right of self- determination. Infact, at the time of independence in 1947, the princely states were given the option to either join India or Pakistan on the basis of two guiding principles, geographical contiguity & desire of the bulk. But in case of Kashmir, notwithstanding this fact that Pakistan was gratifying these two rules, the Of india forces moved into the area on the pretext of improving the device of jump signed among. Maharaja and Indian federal government in ignore of the decided principle of accession utilized elsewhere & against the wishes & aspirations of Kashmiri people. At the same time, however , the people of Poonch along with Pathan tribes had separated the area, at this point called Azad Kashmir. When India noticed that the whole Kashmir could be liberated, it immediately rushed EL Security Council which imposed an immediate cease-fire & ruled that the final disposition in the State of Jammu and Kashmir would be made in agreement with the will of the Kashmiris expressed throughout the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices in the United Nations. Yet even after the passage greater than six decades, the plebiscite could not be organised because of the frame of mind of effective Indian governments. The Kashmiris continued all their peaceful have difficulties, & the recent motion gained impetus in 1990s because of motivation they received from comparable freedom actions in other areas of world along with revolt against atrocities & brutalities becoming committed simply by Indian forces in IHK. The American indian forces attempted to suppress this kind of movement through the use of massive power, but cannot succeed. From this paper, it is argued which the Kashmir concern is the most challenging element between Pakistan and India, and military competition has

led both the international locations to expose nuclear weaponry into their armed service


If perhaps this issue is definitely not solved, then there exists every prospect of a just nu clear conflict between two nuclear states.

In the paper, the causes & background of another important separatist movement raging in Punjab (Indian), typically referred to as Khalistan movement, have been discussed in detail. Just like struggle movement of Kashmir, it also started at the time of canton. They are related due to the fact that in both circumstances Indian commanders made responsibilities & pledges, but the Our elected representatives Party repudiated all this kind of pledges& commitments of Nehru & Gandhi along with resolutions of Constituent Set up regarding shielding the interests of Sikh Community in Eastern Punjab case & holding of plebiscite in the case of Kashmir. Furthermore to this, the language issue, demand for a Punjabi " Suba” & diversion of Punjab Streams water had been the main concerns which developed bitterness & resentment among Sikh Community in initially three decades after independence. However , the assault on Glowing temple & brutally killing Sikhs (including a large number of pilgrims) in cold blood in BLUE-STAR operation, were the causes of present on-going struggle of Sikh community for a separate homeland. It is propagated by Indian officials & press that the idea of an independent region for Sikh community is now an old account. But the analysis paper demonstrates that the Khalistan Council including various Sikh organizations offers very lately reasserted their particular demand for a separate Sikh point out and promised that the issue was not more than. The Authorities says that Khalistan was the idea of the first master of the Sikhs -- Expert Nanak, & the Sikh community will continue their struggle for a separate homeland. But the separatist movements strong in North Eastern region & other areas of India are disguising the gravest threat to territorial ethics...

Bibliography: aside of Assam, the Mizo National Entrance led simply by legendary head Laldenga,

introduced the movement on Feb . 28, 1966 and required independence pertaining to

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