Speech Research Essay

Speech Analysis

On March 10, 2013 I provided a presentation to my personal classmates about the three most significant steps in investigating a homicide case. These are generally including separating witnesses, collecting evidence, and interviewing potential foods. Watching the video of my personal speech, I observed many strengths and weaknesses: strong points including a large amount of facts, an appealing topic, and talking in an average speed. Weaknesses that stuck out to me had been my hands consistently becoming in my storage compartments and examining directly away my notecards. The first thing I believed I did very well was including a lot of information. This is important because it was a revealing speech and the goal was to inform the group of information in regards to a topic these were not aware of. I feel like adding info, that had not been necessarily advised to the general public, about JonBenet Ramsey's circumstance was a very good decision in the part. For example , I integrated that JonBenet's father received a raise earlier that season of the same actual amount of money that was called for in the ransom note. Next I thought I had well was picking an appealing topic. The subject of criminal justice is just exciting all around. Via mysteries to solving crimes it is every enjoyable to learn about. Criminal justice as well as the JonBenet circumstance was a very good topic to pick because it kept the audience's attention. The moment hearing about a mystery or perhaps an unsolved murder crime it is practically expected to stick around and pay attention to the end to verify that it has been figured out if not really people are playing a cliff hanger. Another strength would be talking in a average pace. If one talks too fast it's hard to comprehend all the info that's becoming thrown toward you. Therefore maintaining a good speed helps to put onto time and to keep the audience's responsiveness. Talking not fast enough can affect the end result also nevertheless. There has to be a cheerful medium. Given that I have discussed strengths, I will now find out more about weaknesses and how I can increase them in the future. During my...

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