Sport and Leisure Dissertation


YEAR 1 . Principles & Theories in Enjoyment & Sport TIMED ACTIVITY ………….. (30%) INSTRUCTIONS


1 ) You cannot bring in pre drafted answers or perhaps notes.

2 . You might bring in text messaging, journal content articles, newspaper articles or blog posts and internet resources. You might also bring Address power items but with ZERO added notes from classes on them. 3. You may generate as many texts as you want – but no created comments can be in all of them. 4. You have to use by least six references. Three must be sucked from text, diary, web or newspaper article. The additional 3 may be any combination. Please comply with the Harvard system & the full research set/bibliography it should be added at the end of the written task WRITING TIME is 1 hour. Please note you are only in order to use 1 WEBSITE, in your 6 sources. 5. You should be aware: if you need additional time and/or literacy support please notify me before beginning. WEEKLY THEMES: Please choose ONE of each week themes and answer Among the set questions. Theme: Good sport, socio-historical perspectives as well as the sports area A) Select a sport. GO OVER how the selected sport can be recognized by it is history. B) Explain how the sports venue (or venues) reflects the historical evolution of sports.

Idea: Introduction to sociology of sport and theory

A) Outline the sociology of sport.

B) Sociology of sport looks at social concerns related to sport. Discuss

Theme: Discovering the Nature and Leisure

A) Outline the nature of sport. Consult with reference to the existence of nature of sport in contemporary Traditional western society. B) How we dedicate our leisure-time is related to exactly where we live, our class, age, and ethnicity. Go over

Idea: Introduction to Sociology of Sport and Wellness

A) Sport and exercise helps bring about well-being. Talk about.

B) Describe the relationship between sport, exercise and health

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