Service Encounter Journal Theme 2014 Composition

п»їService Face Journal

Journal entry:

three or more

Candidate amount:

Name of firm:

Pastry House

Type of service:


Price of service:

two GBP

Services encounter particular date:


What specific situations led to this kind of service come across?

It is a Monday morning; I used to be in a hurry but decided to stop for a caffeine on my way to lectures. In short , describe the service encounter so that someone who were not there would know so what happened? I was in a hurry but decided to quickly have got my breakfast time before classes. It was a fairly close site to the University or college. Perhaps my own expectations had been high because it was a high priced place to go to. Nevertheless, My spouse and i expected a line in a coffee shop to move quickly and complete my own transaction within just six a few minutes.

I think many the people in front of me were unsure of what they planned to order and ended up placing your order either a meal or a bagel. However , my own understand of how Pastry House policy is to make these materials from scratch, which in turn takes at least five times longer compared to a typical caffeine order.

Just how would you price your level of satisfaction with this face? Extremely dissatisfied


Really satisfied


a couple of

three or more





What exactly manufactured you feel that way?

The man issue to me was they were not fulfilling their very own fast enough and their deficiency of an effect design within their ordering system cost me my period. I anticipated a better support delivery seeing that I was paying a lttle bit extra for this, compare to the other competitors presents.

How do you describe the reactions to this service come across? Include your information of your feelings and emotions at the time (happy, sad, upset, etc . ). Why would you feel by doing this?

My reaction to this come across was not a very happy one particular, because I had fashioned an expectation that they would be quick and i also would be able to have got my espresso within the established time since at when I got presently there. I think I didn't get the value for the money I paid...

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