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п»їThe China Fireworks Industry

While the Liuyang fireworks market dominated the worldwide market, Jerry had to decide if he should invest in the sector. If this individual did spend, what was the simplest way to capitalize for the potential that remained unexploited in this sector? He wondered whether this individual could apply the sector analysis structure he had examined in his MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION program. Specifics:

Total earnings increased in China from 2007 to 2009 by simply 36%

Total revenue in Liuyang improved by almost 68% from 750k to at least one, 26 LOGISTIK Low cost of entry while traditional fireworks industry in China will be antiquated and old fashioned Excessive concentration of family run businesses with local human population as workers Below is usually an estimation of SWOT analysis on Mr. Yu


1 . MBA

2 . Chinese Backdrop

3. Organization experience in USA

Some weakness

1 . Not any experience in Firework Industry or inside the manufacturing sector 2 . Distance factor – Mr. Yu is based in USA


1 . Us is the number 1 importer of Chinese Fireworks 2 . High demand for Chinese language Fireworks

a few. Scope intended for improvement and exploration in new technology


1 . Auld industry numerous competitors

installment payments on your Chinese regulations are very different than American regulations three or more. Business with family

Below is a great estimation of SWOT research on the Fireworks Industry Strengths

1 . Labor Cost

2 . Variety

3. Cost of materials

4. Company perception

Some weakness

1 . Existing Competition

installment payments on your Lack of well-trained labor

3. Lack of technology


1 . Internet Revenue

2 . Fresh designs

3. Destination centered marketing


1 . Polices

2 . Competition

3. Environmental Issues

Protegers Five Force Analysis

Negotiating power of suppliers

Diverse division channel -- The more diverse distribution stations become the much less bargaining electricity a single distributor will have. This kind of positively impacts Chinese Firework Industry. … " Various Distribution Channel (Chinese Firework Industry)" contains a significant effects, so a great analyst...

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