The Great Gatsby as Tragic Hero Article

How can be Gatsby Described By Farreneheit. Scott Fitzgerald

in the Novel The Great Gatsby?

The story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald can be in this way classified being a tragedy. It tells the storyline of the leading part Gatsby associated with his sudden rise to wealth, which ends in tragedy as his dream of re-uniting with the appreciate of his life collapses. In the book, the reader may interpret Gatsby as a tragic hero because of his characteristics and how mcdougal portrays him throughout the tale. The famous Ancient greek philosopher Aristotle developed an account with 3 necessary attributes that would be existing in the ‘perfect' tragic hero, which the visitor can see are generally present in Gatsby. Fitzgerald characterizes him as a tragic hero due to his drastic land from a fantastic height, his characteristic of Hamartia (having a fatal flaw), fantastic Hubris (being too proud/challenging own destiny). In the story, Gatsby has a dream of reaching social position and prosperity, in order to be re-united with and accepted by the love of his lifestyle, Daisy, a female from a rich, old money family members. He then turns into part of the neuf riche persons category, and throws treat parties as part of his unattainable search for Daisy. Gatsby is usually shown as a tragic leading man because as the story earnings, Gatsby finds his " dead dream” collapsing and finds him self falling from your great elevation he had achieved for himself. Even the description " useless dream” shows its failure as it is currently over. Towards the end of the novel, the narrator Nick points out that " his (Gatsby) career as Trimalchio was above. ” Fitzgerald's allusion for the Italian character Trimalchio mocks Gatsby's unachievable dream and characterizes him as a inability. The reference point characterizes most of Gatsby's character as being just like a façade, and compares him to a prevalent background personality later influenced to functions and lavish spending. The term " career” makes it manage to the reader that Gatsby's complete purpose of living and job was this futile hunt for Daisy...

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