Ti02 Industry Report Article

sually a conference write-up can touch on a few shows, give a few statistics and be fairly quick. Not so the TiO2 conference report in this issue of PCI. Inside my 35 years in the marketplace I may recall ever before reading a conference report that in fact was so detailed and all comprehensive as to end up being an industry market report on the global organization today. And it was exciting reading!

Usually a conference write-up will touch over a few features, give several statistics and stay fairly quick. Not so the TiO2 seminar report through this issue of PCI. During my 35 years in the marketplace I no longer recall at any time reading an appointment report that in fact was so comprehensive and all inclusive as to be an industry marketplace report for the global organization today. And it was exciting reading!

I would highly recommend that you all read this insightful analysis, as it reflects not only the existing state from the white color market yet also the global economic recession plus the signs of optimism for the survivors with the " sector shake-out”. Discussions on China and tiawan, for example , highlight trends and major buyers within the coatings industry.

Another sort of two life-cycle analyses remarks some valuable information learned that might not have been and so obvious pertaining to the companies involved without control through the book-keeping exercise.

Reading this article report also provides great insight into the first position DuPont holds in the titanium business. They start to see the current crisis as a way to improve their competitive advantage. Since DuPont don't join the TiO2 developing ranks till 1931, which was not a good yr for U. S. industrial production, they have proven to be remainders at enduring tough financial conditions.

Cristal Global moved to the number-two spot rather quickly for a relative newcomer to the ti business. Their very own pigment-producing herb in Saudi Arabia is still the only TiO2 plant in the Middle East. They are a fast-moving and aggressive firm to watch....

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