We Can, although Should We all Essay

We could But Ought to We?

Chamberlain College of Nursing


Information Systems in Healthcare

Spring 2013

We Can Although Should We all?

What would happen to you in the event you fell and hit your mind? If you couldn't remember your doctors identity? If you could hardly remember what that blue pill was called? By just placing a label with your personal code on your refrigerator door you could be saving your personal life. QR codes keep and cover the crisis medical data the owners would want crisis personnel to work with if need be. This kind of technology exists, but should we use it? What is it?

A QR code or Quick Reference code is an image that can be sought to access details. Personal wellness records can easily reside through this code ready to be seen by medical personnel. This technology delivers patient emergency or essential healthcare details, such as allergies, medications, medical diagnosis, doctor and hospital info to crisis healthcare suppliers. Yet this info maintains patient confidentiality with the use of a QR code. The data is only obvious with a particular type of target audience or app. The QR Personal Wellness Record (PHR) identification credit card is about how big is the business credit card and can be retained in a pocket. Other ways to work with this PHR ID card is over a key fob, bracelet, attraction, cell phone sleeve, or pendent. Why do i require it?

Annually over 450, 000 people are taken to private hospitals unconscious minus any kind of identification. Up to 98, 000 Americans expire each year via preventable medical errors. A lack of immediate usage of patient healthcare information could mean the difference between life and death. Why would you become a victim of medical errors? Within an emergency, medical personnel have to be able to quickly assess your medical condition. They need specific familiarity with your medicines, allergies and medical conditions to get a successful result. Benefits

Unexpected emergency medical personnel is conditioned to look for any kind of...

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