Ryanair SWOT Essay


A SWOT analysis is a study that can be undertaken in order to identify an organisation's, product's, or service's internal Pros and cons, and also it is external Possibilities and Hazards. A SWOT analysis concentrates on the tiny environment of one of the previously mentioned entities, i. e. " factors that this organisation has its own control over”. Business Management Course Text, AIT Ireland (2013-20134). SWOT ANALYSIS OF RYANAIR



Lowest Cost Base of any European Airline

Good financial performance despite current economic climate Advancement

Negative Public Perception

Over-reliance on Periodic trends to increase profit margins

Poor customer service



New airline tracks throughout The european union

Opportunity to maximize Market Share

Current economic climate

Increase in fuel charges

Natural occasions and disasters


In accordance to safaribooksonline. com/book/sales-and-marketing, working as a low-cost enterprise can be a strength for companies, as it might incentivise an increase in demand for a particular product or service, in relation to its competition. Low cost suppliers are a well-liked choice pertaining to financially mindful consumers whom do not have any/little loyalty towards product/service under consideration, or pertaining to consumers who wish to obtain a product/service at the cheapest available price. For Ryanair, being a inexpensive company has been hugely helpful, as they include almost totally built their particular current reputation on like a low-cost air travel. At present, Norwegian air is the most affordable costing aircarrier in The european countries, one third below its nearest rival, easyJet. Maintaining a powerful financial functionality is a major factor for the success of any organization. According to http://www.investorwords.com, organisations base their very own important decisions/strategies the basis with their financial functionality. Maintaining a normal financial overall performance allows companies to generate earnings....

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