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п»їTest 1 Exam practice. Writing Part 1

Hi there Adam,

We am pleased you got a brand new mountain cycle for a great price, It's a long time that we don't go out for a trip together and so i really wish to do it this weekend. I must work on Sunday evening so that it would be greater to go on On the, like this we are able to spend all the outing riding. I believe it is very good option going into country to see every one of the potential of the new cycle! Do you know exactly where we could get? If you find out any place tell me how far it is. And just like I have currently said, We are able to spend all day out operating so It is extremely good idea for taking some food around. We should consider fruit, some sandwiches and a lot of water!

Well, that's every for now,


Week five (31 of January– 6th of February):

This week was just the display of the Slight, the educator talked us about this article of the Minor and the approach to it. Now I start to know what it is to be considered a entrepreneur because it is a concept i do not have specific.

Week 6th (7 – 13 of February):

In this week there were to choose each of our group for doing the project in the minor. There were a class with Mrs. Samplonius where all of us did a castles with paper in various groups. This game comprised in doing one castle with 8 documents which reinforced one glass of normal water. With this game we're able to see that every single group performed the fortress in different methods. One group did it very fast, another group did even more beautiful or maybe more efficient. With the final of the class Mrs. Samplonious asked about the organizations for the project and like we would not have, Samplonious help us to choose it. We tried to do equal rights groups with different nationalities. Finally we shaped the groups, and my personal group was composed by Natalia, Yifan, Eric and me, I had been very happy because I had a bunch mate who have could understand me and two group mates of different nationalities of who I possibly could learnt very much and to get more information on a tradition.

Week 7 (14 – 20 of February):

From this week like those had to make a decision who is the group leader base on the result of Belbin test. And so i did the Belbin test out The team part that fit me greatest is monitor

And we performed a meeting to choose the group innovator and to talk about our job. We make a decision that Joshua was the greatest member to be the group head and that our project would definitely be about the LED lights. We thought that this is the best option pertaining to the topic of the project since Yifan got worked within a LED firm in his city Hangzhou therefore He realized many things about the topic and thought we're able to help to the company for improving its product sales. Besides All of us analyzed the main topic of the LED lights and we realized relating to this was a very entrepreneur and sustainable matter. And this week we had the first improvement presentation to present our job and our plans for doing it. So this week was hard because I had to work with the other people of the group that I didn`t know. And Joshua and Yifan knew even more about the project since it is about their metropolis and for me personally and Natalia SaldaГ±a was more difficult because everything was very new and we should be in the level of our group mates.

Week 8 (21 – 27 of February)::

This week we did not possess lessons nevertheless I had been working in the overall analysis program of the job. We divided it in several parts I had the part of environment factors, cost effective factors with my group mate Natalia.

Week on the lookout for (28 of February – 6 of March):

Through this week, we did another meeting to end the general research plan. In the meeting all of us talked about what we should to correct of the general prepare or to develop more. To me it was challenging to this report because I had developed to understand a large number of technological or perhaps financial ideas about the LED lamps and about the problem of the region China. And it was just like the first significant work that we did considering the group and It was hard because we had very different concepts and ways of thinking. In this meeting we all divided other points of the planning.

Week 10 (7 – 13 of March):...

Week your five Final Conventional paper